2022 Triple Challenge Futurity

WEC, Wilmington OH


Move-in June 27th

Show Schedule Coming Soon!


Triple Challenge wants to congratulate 

Good Better Best owned by Nancy Sue Ryan and Running Stag Farm - Leslie Bacon




Thank you for coming! 

  We hope you had as much fun as we did. We will see you at WEC in Wilmington for our 2022 Triple Challenge Futurity. 

Pictures and complete results coming shortly. Paybacks will be mailed shortly as well. If you did not pick up your sponsored class winning check at the show, it will be mailed to you in the next few days.

2021 Triple Challenge Results

Thank you to our class sponsors:

MARTIN QH:  F- 33 $1000 Made Ta Order - E: Melvin Yoder- O: Doreen Earl - T: Gil Galyean
VS GoodRide: F-15 $1000 Madefourit - E: Stephanie Armellini- O: Armellini S / Soyer D - T: Katy Jo Davis Zuidema
Zuidema Pleasure Horses Zuidema Pleasure Horses: F-18 $1000 : Its Lazy Time - E: Jalyn McElmurray- O Jalyn McElmurray- T: Julian Harris
The Chronicle The Chronicle: F32 $1000 Geez Whata Breeze - E Natalie Anderson- O: Jamie Anderson- T: Katy Jo Davis Zuidema
Mary O'Neal Mary O'Neal: F23 $1000 Rock N MOtion - E: Sarah Nimigan- O: Sarah Nimigan- T: Katy Jo Davis Zuidema
Gorman Barger QH Barger : F17 $500 Hot Without A Doubt - E: Caitlin Dunsmore Miller- O: Caitlin Dunsmore Miller- T: Aaron Moses
Gorman Barger QH Instride Edition : F2a $1200 Martini Time - E: Brett Caplinger - O: Brett Caplinger - T: Kenny Lakins
The Chronicle Chronicle : F37 $ 500 Sleep N The Moonlite - E: Brody Galyean - O: Becky Galyean - T: Gil Galyean
Jan Pittman : F34 $1000 Knockin It Out - E: Betty Jo Carr - O: RIchard and Betty Jo Carr - T: Gil Galyean
Baker : F-42 $500 Truly Priceless Flirt - E: Jaden Chappell - O: Tara Rastrelli- T: Julian Harris
NSBA : F44 $1000 LL Do Tell - E: Penny Jargella - O: Penny Jargella - T: Julian Harris
The Chronicle Chronicle : F12A $1000 The Red Dirt Road - E: Becky Schooler - O: Becky Schooler - T: Becky Schooler
Running Stag : F12 $1000 Big Game Changer - E: Amber Hanson Pickard - O: Brent Husky - T: Amber Hanson Pickard
Gorman Barger QH

Machine Made : F1 $1000 Snappatrickmahomes - E: Michael Tivoli - O: Twylla Lynn Brown - Michael Tivoli

WD : F20 $1000 : Its Game On - E: Jamie English - O Tali Terlizzi - T: Jamie Englis Enticed - E: Amber Hanson Pickard - O: Gretchen Deeds - T: Amber Hanson Pickard
Galyean: F7A $500 VS Got A Line - E: Dillon Hatten - O: Patrick Ramsey - T: Dillon Hatten
Harris Silversmith & Leather Harris : F31 $1000 Sleep N The Moonlite - E: Becky Galyean - O: Becky Galyean - T: Gil Galyean

Roth Show Equipment : F19 $500 Best To Be Lopin - E: Courtney Moses - O: Courtney Moses - T: Aaron Moses